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I’ll post pics and notes about my motorcycle trips this year of different rides 

JUNE 9th thru JUNE 16th - Riding to north to Chicago then the Upper Peninsula (click the dates to see a Spotwalla page with our route - click All for entire route) 

2013 GRAND TOUR OF GEORGIA - grabbing bonuses between Mar 15 – Nov 1 

I road motorcross growing up then got away from bikes and returned to riding in the mid 90s.  I have Iron Butt Assoc #25883 and my husband is one of the 2011 IBA "Gold Level" finishers for the 11,000 mile/11 Days competition. 





June Trip - Day Eight

The closer we got to Georgia, the warmer the temperatures so we took off just before daylight to make the most of the early morning coolness.  We had about 500 miles to make the last day and it sped by quickly.  All in all, I had a wonderful getaway with my husband, a nice evening hanging out with readers and authors I enjoy, and a fun visit to Marquette, the dot on the map we decided to visit.  We rode six of the eight days for 2400 miles and met people from other states and other countries.  This was my favorite photo from the trip. It was once an ore loading dock in Marquette, MI.     

June Trip - Day Seven

The temperature warmed up so I put on shorts under my ‘stich (Aerostich).  We rolled on down the interstate to Cincinnati and actually ended up on the other side of the Ohio River in Covington, KY.  This was only going to be a stop for the night on the way home, but you never know when you find a surprise on these trips.  When we went to Dee Felice Café Cajun restaurant for dinner, there was a festival going on.  The area is charming and made for a wonderful last night on the road.  If you go to Dee Felice, you must have their bread pudding – delicious! 

June Trip - Day Six

When we left Marquette, the air was chilly enough to put on our electric jackets. We rode along the bottom of Lake Superior for a while then dropped south to ride along the top part of Lake Michigan.  Having grown up in Florida where so much of the coastal areas are swallowed up by hotel and condominium developments, I was surprised at the miles of uninhabited, or very minimal habitation, along the shoreline of these lakes.  It was such a nice ride that eventually took us over the Mackinaw Bridge, which was the longest suspension bridge when it opened in 1957. It’s still the 3rd longest (total suspension area) in the world.  The paved lane was closed for construction so we rode on the side with metal grating. Strange, but a great ride over a bridge where we had Lake Michigan on our right and Lake Huron on our left.  We pulled into Shepler’s Ferry, dumped the electric gear, and took a boat ride to Mackinac Island (no autos allowed) where we made the hike UP to the fort. This is a picture looking down on the island before we returned to the mainland and rode to Mt. Pleasant, MI for the night. 

June Trip - Day Five

We spent the day around Marquette, eating a wonderful breakfast then walking through the local shops.  The temperature dropped to the 50s with a strong wind so I was ready for a cup of java by midday.  We stopped in at the Dead River Coffee  shop where they were roasting beans and when the owner found out we’d ridden in on motorcycles, he told us two men had been in earlier who started out in the UK and were riding around the Americas. We wished we’d met them … then bam! Wish granted! Michael and Andrew came strolling in to get a slice of pie and we introduced ourselves. Two hours later, the four of us knew each other quite well.  Stop by Andrew’s blog – A Horse With No … - to see the route they’re taking that is an impressive 6 month ride.  We had a wonderful time swapping stories. 

June Trip - Day Four

Time to head north to Marquette, MI.  We ran through a couple showers that morning, then it turned cold for about 2 hours so we stopped and put on our heated gear. The clouds started clearing by the time we’d finished lunch in Manitowoc, MI, which meant the heated gear came off and the ride up to Marquette was in a perfect low 70s temps.  My husband hit a home run with picking the Landmark Inn where we have a cozy suite – the Amelia Earhart room – that looks out over Lake Superior.  We met local PBS radio host Nicole Walton and enjoyed sharing a glass of wine with her.  Dark didn’t happen until after 10:30! Yay for dark shades over the windows.  Here’s a shot of late at "night." :)

June Trip - Day Three

Naperville is the location of a Lady Jane’s Salon hosted by Adrienne Giordano and Tracey Devlyn, at La Chocolat – fabulous dessert shop.   I had the great pleasure of reading an excerpt of NOWHERE SAFE (my new Slye Temp romantic thriller series) for a sold out crowd along with authors Adrienne Giordano, Kate Meader, Kristin Daniels and Valerie Bowman who read from their books, too.  Barbara Vey of Publisher’s Weekly joined us and interviewed me for our awesome group of readers.

June Trip - Day Two

We rolled into Naperville, IL (suburb of Chicago) on Day 2 and had a wonderful meal at Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant where they make ALL their wines.  Nothing like a terrific meal to end a good day of riding.  The next day we took the train into Chicago.  This photo is of the bridge area that is a significant setting location a climatic scene in SILENT TRUTH (BAD Agency Book). 

June trip - Day One

Monday was a 450 mile ride with the second half through thunderstorms, but once we got to Louisville it cleared out and the temperature was perfect for strolling through downtown to the Fourth Street area.  I have to give a shout out to Marriott Courtyard in downtown – they’ve been terrific and even had us park our bikes in the convenient covered entrance area instead of the parking deck.  We found Gordon Biersch brewery/restaurant on Fourth Street and enjoyed a glass of wine on the patio where the breeze and temp was so nice (dinner was terrific - the bread pudding a must try if you go there).  Interesting facts about this city – of course the Louisville Slugger bat is from here, but I didn’t realize this was Muhammed Ali’s hometown, that cheeseburgers were first served in Kaolin’s in Louisville, or that this city has the second largest (to New York) cast iron store fronts.  Pretty architecture here. Heading to Chicago next. :)

May 26, 2013 - Lunch ride turns into 350 mi :)

We took off for a Sunday lunch ride and it turned into 350 miles. No complaints here.  I was able to pick up the first 3 of my Grand Tour of Georgia Bonuses. First stop was in Mansfield, where I got an insight on some baseball history. If you’re a fan of the game, you may know about Sherrod Malone Smith, a famous Southpaw.  From there we rode to Abbeville to grab a photo of their caboose called the Wild Hog Express.  My stomach was growling, reminding me lunch had been the original destination <g>, so we went to one of my favorite lunch places – Jacks Steakhouse in Hawkinsville.  They have a rockin’ southern buffet – the fried chicken and banana pudding will bring you back again.   From there, we rode through some more beautiful countryside to find the monument for Joanna Troutman in Knoxville. She created the Texas “Lone Star Flag.”  

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