Quaantum Readers
"A book...the power to go anywhere."


Definition of a Quaantum reader: A person who enjoys reading fiction that will enlighten as well as entertain. Someone who reads for pleasure and to broaden his or her world. A voracious reader of any age who shares a love of reading with others and knows the secret…..

A book…the power to go anywhere.

What is Quaantum™ Readers program?

Quaantum Readers is a national book club community which connects genre fiction readers with debut, best-selling and award-winning authors of all genres. These authors each donate 8 copies of their book to be given away in monthly drawings to book groups ... like yours!

What types of books do Quaantum Readers read?

Genre fiction that ranges from contemporary to historical to fantasy and from suspense to women’s fiction to sci-fi to mystery to romance to urban fantasy to small town USA to international political thrillers -- any genre fiction book read for pleasure.

How does the Quaantum program work?

It’s easy. Sign up your group up through this site by clicking here. Your information goes to Cassondra (Dianna’s amazing assistant). At the end of every month, she draws book clubs from the list to win books. When she draws your group, she will email you to let you know you’ve won and the author will ship your group 8 personalized books. Then you’re ready to read!

How do I sign up?

Just click the “Sign Up Now” button on any of the Quaantum pages and fill out the form.

Who is Cassondra and why do I see her name everywhere?

Cassondra is Dianna’s assistant who manages the Quaantum Readers program. She’s always happy to answer questions for our Quaantum Book Clubs. You can reach her by email at QuaantumReaders@gmail.com

What information do I have to give you to be part of Quaantum Readers?

The contact person for your group should sign up so Cassondra has one person to email. You’ll be able to choose the type(s) of books your group likes so Cassondra can make sure you receive the right books. All contact information is kept private (Dianna hates it when her contact information is given away or sold!). We’d like to know about your group – when you meet and if you’d like an author visit. smile

Do I have to give you my address?

Not on the signup form. (That would make us nervous, too, so we won’t ask you to do that.) Cassondra will contact you via email to make sure you’re a real person and to get any additional information she needs to get you entered to win books. When your club wins books, we will ask you for an address to give the author, and the first names of your readers, so your books can be personalized and shipped.

As mentioned above, we will never share your information with anyone other than the author who will be shipping books to your group.

You won’t get any junk email from us either. We promise.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE! That’s one of our favorite words. smile All you have to do is fill out the signup form and ta-da! You’re a part of the community.

I have an online club and we have over 100 readers. Can I still join?

Absolutely! Any size club is welcome. Our authors normally donate 8 books, but we do have exceptions to the rule and suggestions on how to distribute books to larger groups.

Do authors really visit small book clubs?

Yes they do! Authors love to meet readers. We like to arrange for authors to visit in person when possible (some authors travel often and probably pass through your area) plus phone and Skype visits. Just mark on the sign up form that your group would like a visit and Cassondra will be in touch during the year.