Quaantum Readers
"A book...the power to go anywhere."

The Quaantum Book Club program has moved and you're going to love this change. It means MORE books!

In 2009, romantic thriller/urban fantasy author Dianna Love was on a book tour, and realized that meeting readers was her favorite part of being a writer. She kept looking for a way to connect the amazing groups of book lovers she was meeting with new authors and new books. When she finally hit on a plan, she started the book clubs program. It was so successful that it took on a life of its own. In 2011, Dianna decided it was time to give the program its own name, and launched Quaantum Readers. The program grew quickly, and by mid-2012, it was too big for Dianna and her assistant to handle.

Enter Barbara Vey, Publisher's Weekly columnist and beloved ambassador for books and readers. Barbara said, “We’ll take it and manage it,” and Quaantum Readers took another step forward.

The Quaantum Reader program continues to evolve. Join us on the journey into great books, and a growing reading community. You and your book group are one click away from becoming Quaantum Readers.

Please visit the new page at www.QuaantumReaders.com and thank you for reading!

For any questions, please contact quaantuminfo@gmail.com

Quaantum Readers - A Book. The Power to go everywhere.