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Books For You: April

Drawing at the end of this month for a Quaantum Book Club to receive 8 copies of a book displayed hereā€¦.more books donated by these generous authors each month means more book clubs will win a set of 8.

by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love

NYT Bestsellers Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love have donated 8 copies of their urban fantasy ALTERANT, Book 2 of the Belador series, available now.  Read an excerpt here.

For a free download of FIREBOUND, a Belador novella, click here. 

Evalle must hunt her own kind…or die with them

She has one chance to clear the cloud of suspicion hanging over her…for good. All she has to do is recapture the escapees. But deals with gods and goddesses are tricky at best, and now the lives of all Beladors, and the safety of innocent humans, rides on Evalle's success. She needs information yesterday, but the only man who knows where to find the fugitive Alterants wants to see Evalle dead.