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Quaantum Book Clubs and Book Groups have a ton of experience and wisdom about how to start a reading group and keep it going. Check back here for tips from our fabulous Quaantum Book Club members. Coming Soon.

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Wisconsin rocks on Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Day

Dianna visited Milwaukee, WI in April to attend the first Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon where she had a chance to visit with over 250 attendees.  Heather Graham gave a keynote address and Barbara Vey of Publishers Weekly was the Master of Ceremonies.  This is now an annual event that will occur again April 27, 2013 with James Rollins as the keynote. Dianna is absolutely going back and taking Cassondra who manages the Quaantum Club program.  For more on the 2013 event, click here. 



Atlanta Bookies
Atlanta Bookies

Lake Gaston Ladies Club is a women's club of those living on Lake Gaston that is spread over 5 counties in 2 states--NC and VA. Bookers - the Book Club division - is one of the Auxiliary Groups (along with needlework, gourmet, bridge, line dancing, gardening, singing, acting, Red Hats, painting, etc.). Formed in 1989, the group's mission statement is to share a mutual love of books and reading, as well as other aspects of cultural arts and education. The group is unique, because it is usually not a single title book club. Programs have included authors speaking to the group, skits performed (excerpted from books), original short stories and poetry shared, literary puzzles, book and the movie discussions, children's literature presentations. The group is so large that it meets at church fellowship halls or the local Lions Club building. The current contact person is Gina Starbuck, (252) 586-6662. Membership is open to those belonging to the Lake Gaston Ladies Club.