September 16, 2014

Danger and Desire BOX set of 10 full novels, including Honeymoon To Die For - 99¢ - For ONE month only!! Don't miss this deal!

September 18-20, 2014

KEEPER BOOKS TOUR kicks off in the Atlanta, Georgia area with Dianna and four more bestsellers visiting Bremen, Cumming, Cartersville and Peachtree City.  More on this HERE

September 27, 2014

Dianna will be giving part of the one day Young Adult writing program in Conroe, Texas at the Conroe Library.  Schedule is on the website and tickets are available. 


September 18-20, 2014 - GEORGIA 

New York Times Bestseller DIANNA LOVE - Thrillers, romance and urban fantasy

USA Today bestseller MARY BUCKHAM - Urban fantasy 

Amazon bestseller TRACEY DEVLYN -  Historical romance spy thrillers

USA Today bestseller ADRIENNE GIORDANO - Humorous mystery and romantic suspense

Amazon bestseller HILDIE MCQUEEN - Romantic police procedural suspense

USA Today bestseller MICAH CAIDA* - Sci-fi/fantasy young adult

(*Micah Caida is the collaboration of Dianna Love and Mary Buckham)