dead after dark   belador novella

ISBN: 0312947984


A Belador Novella

Supernatural warriors bound by an extraordinary code of honor face an ultimate test of loyalty in the exciting new urban fantasy series. 

Beladors today live among the population, upholding the oath that protects them and their powers – Honor Above All Else. As one of the powerful Beladors protecting mankind from supernatural predators, Trey McCree has never considered breaking his oath...until now. When an elite soldier of an immortal Hindu warlord escapes his damned existence beneath Mount Meru, the soldier enters Atlanta with an ancient artifact that has changed the course of history at times. He intends to use it to make the Beladors pay, starting with Sasha Armand, the woman Trey loves but can never have. The woman responsible for opening the portal. 

Trey faces his greatest challenge – protect humankind and his Belador tribe from a supernatural Armageddon or save Sasha.

Things don’t look good for the Beladors, the warlord or the world. But Sasha has a secret of her own and no intention of losing Trey now that he’s home again.


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