rise of the gryphon   book 4

ISBN: 978-1451671995


If dying is the cost of protecting those you love… bring it. 

An Alterant who fights trolls, demons, and other deadly creatures, Evalle is an outcast among the Beladors. But now she can change all that - and finally get answers about her origins. In her attempt to take down the Belador traitor and bring home a captured friend, she infiltrates the dangerous Medb coven where she discovers exactly what an Alterant really is...and the news is not good for the Beladors.

Meanwhile, Evalle’s best friends Tzader and Quinn face unthinkable choices, as relationships with the women they love grow twisted. With time ticking down on a decision that will compel allies to become deadly enemies, Evalle turns to Storm and takes a major step in their relationship that takes a deadly turn when the witchdoctor he’s been hunting now stalks Evalle.  She's forced to embrace her destiny . . . but at what price?

"Longtime fans of the Belador series will have much to celebrate in the fearless Evalle Kincaid's fourth outing. Kenyon and Love write with such heart and investment, each scene has an intensity that will quicken the pulse and capture the imagination..." 

— RT Book Reviews


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