phantom in the night   book 1

ISBN: 1416595643


Terri Mitchell signed on with the Bureau of American Defense (BAD) to find an organized crime ring’s link to a terrorist group and to covertly investigate a murder someone is trying to pin on her. She’s running short on time when bizarre rumors begin to surface of a ghost terrorizing members of the drug ring she’s investigating.

Nathan Drake has spent his life protecting his family, the only thing that mattered to him...until the most feared drug lord in the southeast took all Nathan held dear. Now, he's a man on a mission who only needs to stay alive long enough to stop a dangerous group from taking innocent lives. He’s got nothing to lose…until he meets Terri Mitchell.

As Terri and Nathan seek similar goals by different means, they are drawn deep into an evil underbelly that cuts through all levels of society. Now two people on opposite sides of the law with no reason to trust each other must join forces or die. And if they die, a deadly attack will be unleashed on thousands of innocent people.

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