whispered lies   book 2

ISBN: 1439169942


After leaving South America, Bureau of American Defense operative Carlos Delgado has spent the past sixteen years watching over his shoulder, waiting for death to catch up to him. His luck runs out when BAD intercepts an unexpected tip on the number one threat to US security — the Fratelli de il Sovrano. Capturing a mysterious informant—Mirage—is their best hope of uncovering a deadly plan that threatens economic chaos within the US, all unfolding just days before the presidential election. When Carlos takes the Mirage into custody, she’s nothing like what he expected and presents a threat to secrets he’s willing to die to protect.

Gabrielle Saxe never intended to become Mirage when she started sending anonymous tips on international criminals to intelligence agencies over the past decade while hiding from a killer. When a postcard arrives from a friend who is supposed to be dead, Gabrielle is forced to take a risk that catapults her into the midst of dangerous operatives on a treacherous mission… and into the arms of a man whose duty is to hand her over to Interpol as an international felon. Carlos is the last person she should trust and the only one standing between her and death. But she unknowingly holds the key to his survival as well.

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