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Where it all began…

Dianna Love was born in Sarasota, Florida and grew up in the Tampa Bay area. She fell out of the womb a portrait artist and soon realized she was right brain/left brain, because she loved mathematics and business as much as creating art. Leaning on her artistic background, she started hand painting signs and then moved on to scaling billboards, where she was the rare female artist who would go a hundred feet in the air to paint someone’s portrait 20’ tall. While going from that to building Olympic projects for companies like Coca-Cola, she was a voracious reader of everything from thrillers, romance, sci-fi and fantasy to memoirs and biographies. But fiction was always her first love in reading. She started entertaining herself during fifteen-hour days by making up stories.

In 2001…

She sat down to write a story that had played through her mind over and over. She didn’t consider herself a writer and had no aspirations to be published. But she caught the writing fever and found she had a passion for writing that equaled her love for art.


Over the next few years…

Dianna completed her first book, which won nine awards, including the Golden Heart and Daphne du Maurier awards, and contracted for publication with a New York house. WORTH EVERY RISK sold out at the warehouse a month after release and went on to win the RITA® Award.


Friends for life…

Dianna met Mary Buckham while speaking on a panel for a mystery conference. They quickly realized they shared the same analytical approach to studying the craft of writing. They created Break Into Fiction® writing programs to share their methods with other writers. They released BREAK INTO FICTION as a book in 2009. During this time Dianna also became friends with Sherrilyn Kenyon as they both traveled to the same conferences, and she started joining Sherrilyn on her book tours. It was during a late-night conversation on one of those trips that Dianna and Sherrilyn started brainstorming on the BAD—Bureau of American Defense—Agency series, which led to Dianna collaborating with one of the most gifted authors publishing today.

In 2010…

Sherrilyn and Dianna launched a new Urban Fantasy series based on a concept Dianna had created in 2003 about the Beladors, an ancient race of Celtic warriors. The first book in the series—BLOOD TRINITY—debuted on the New York Times, USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller lists.

Now living in the Atlanta, Georgia area…

Dianna and her husband enjoy riding their motorcycles or fishing when she’s not typing away on a new story.




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